Marie Louise de Monterey

Marie Louise De Monterey is a collaboration between designers Claire Dickson-Smith (former designer & founder of Third Millennium) and Maria Dyoniziak (former owner of Paris store Marie Louise De Monterey).


Launched at the end of June 2019, it reflects their shared love of feminine romantic clothing and all things Parisienne. The name is based on a fictional character who embodies the spirit of the clothes they create, a romantic whimsical creature who goes from bed to lunch to dinner in the same state of disheveled elegance.


Vintage inspired with a focus on beautiful fabrics and soft hand feel, the garments are embroidered and printed with tiny floral details. The lingerie is seductive but wearable and aligns perfectly with the silky blouses and cotton separates.Perfect for your summer getaway, romantic weekend or just to lounge around in.

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